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This is the home-away-from-home of Jemima's Voyager stories. They are divided into short, middling and long stories and filk. The titles are listed in order of appearance here with their size (in kilobytes or other convenient units), rating (PG or G mostly, with none rated above PG-13), character codes (J/C, P/T, etc.) and date of original composition.

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Very Short Stories and Poems

Assimilation (1k) [G] (J) 8/00
Janeway meditates on her assimilation.

One Line, Two Dimples (4k) [PG] (J/C) 9/00
The final scene of the final episode of Voyager.
Response to an ASC challenge to write the same final J/C scene from the point of view of TPTB then from the POV of the J/C fans. Rated PG for the Evil One's language.

Like This (10k) [PG] (J/C, P/T) 10/00
Tom and B'Elanna observe a scene in Sandrine's, in which Janeway sets a new course.
Entry in the first Voyages Home Fan Fiction Contest.

The Worst Day (100 words) [G] (J) 8/00
A drabble about a bad day in the DQ.

Haiku for Anne (170 syllables) [G, PG] (J/C, P/T) 12/00
Ten haiku written for the First Annual J/C Haiku Contest. (The NC-17 haiku is rated PG, not NC-17.)
First Annual J/C Haiku Contest first place for Crew Conspiracy, second place for Angst and NC-17.

Seven of Borg (10k) [G] (7) 12/00
All about Seven, just like a real Voyager episode. Find out what's really keeping J/C apart.
ASC Awards 2000 third place for Best Voyager Humor/Parody.

Video Meliora Proboque (8k) [G] (J/C) 1/01
Janeway and Chakotay have a short chat about doing the right thing.

Ship in a Bottle (7k) [G] (Joe Carey) 5/01
Joe's thoughts on his untimely death.
A dead letter for the fanfic dead letter office, where the dearly departed get the last word.

Untitled (25 words) [G] (C/7) 10/01
A twenty-five word dialogue.
Response to Becca's challenge in CSFic.

If Ayn Rand Wrote ST:VOY (8k) [PG] (challenge) 10/01
If Ayn Rand wrote VOY, the galaxy would be a safer place for productive species. A late response to Lori's ASC challenge, If My Aunt From Minnesota Wrote ST Fanfic
ASC Awards 2001 second place for Voyager Other Challenge.

Jade's Drabble (100 words) [G] (J/C) 1/02
A drabble-length exercise in double entendre.
A late birthday present for my underemployed beta reader.

Beta Energy (10k) [G] (humor) 10/02
A highly theoretical form of energy has the crew in a tizzy. A parody in honor of Beta Reader Appreciation Day.
ASC Awards 2002 first place for Voyager Crew.

Take it on the Run (8k) [PG] (C&P, "Workforce II") 3/01
Borg Error (10k) [PG] (C&7, "Human Error") 3/01
The Wrong Emotion (10k) [PG] (J&C, "Author, Author") 7/01
Au Naturel (8k) [PG] (C/7, "Natural Law") 10/01
Every Word I Said (8k) [PG] (C/7, "Endgame") 12/02
Stories in The ChetSev Series, qv.

The Junkman Cometh (4k) [G] (drabble, challenge) 5/03
Part of the Empty Shell Series, qv.

You Think (4k) [G] (J, C/7) 7/03
A second-person vignette written for Die J/C Die II.

Middling Stories (Medium Length)

Preliminary Debriefings (12k) [G] (J/C, P) 7/00
Janeway does an end-run around Admiral Paris when Voyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant.
The epilogue to a longer story, Marriage is Irrelevant. Beware of spoilers!

Lurking (14k) [PG] (J/C, P/T) 10/00
What in the name of Kahless has Chakotay been up to all these years? A stealth Chakotay story.

Taboo (16k) [PG] (J/C, P/T) 11/00
Whatever happened to that pairing-up thing? Tom decides to play matchmaker.

Sans Ailes (24k) [G] (J&C) 1/01
A J&C (friendship) story. Janeway and Phoebe talk about the good old days in the Delta Quadrant.

Holodeck Safety Protocols (28k) [PG-13] (J/C) 11/00
The whole sleeping-with-holograms thing gets out of hand.
"Fair Haven" is not my fault - I did my best with what I had to work with.

The Bottle of Bajoran Blue Wine: A PADD Story (30k) [PG] (J/C, P) 1/01
The title says it all.

Thrive (16k) [G] (J/C) 1/01
Whatever happened to the Borg baby?
Response to Christine's challenge in JetC23.

Logic Dictates (12k) [G] (Tu) 2/01
Your Wish is My Command (20k) [PG] (T, S, AU) 3/01
Ambassador (25k) [PG] (7, AU) 4/01
Home Front (25k) [PG] (K, 7, AU) 5/01
Stories from The Museum series, qv.

A Light Beyond (30k) [PG] (J/C, crew) 4/01
The crew of Voyager track down a rumor that may get them back to the Alpha Quadrant.
Entry in the Voyager Central Fatal Finale contest.

The Author (24k) [PG] (J/C, P/T, K/7) 6/01
A different kind of PADD story.
Metafic, related to the filk Killing Me Softly.

The Efficiency Expert (28k) [PG] (C/7) 8/01
Seven tries her hand at matchmaking.
Werefic. The code C/7 stands for C/7. You have been warned.

Than Fade Away (20k) [PG] (various) 7/02
B'Elanna trades in her bat'leth for a spatula, driving Tom into a fateful investigation of his former crewmates' post-Endgame behavior.
Contains various pairings chosen mainly for their implausibility.

Honey-Dew (20k) [PG] (J/C) 1/03
Six seasons of J/C in review.
Another birthday present for my underemployed beta reader.

The Lamne'rau (24k) [PG] (7) 1/03
Seven's brief childhood, as glimpsed in "Dark Frontier," "The Raven," "Author, Author" and other episodes. The first story in the unfinished Tertiary series. There's also a DVD commentary for this story.
ASC Awards 2002 first place for Featuring Seven of Nine and third place for Best Overall.

What's Left of Her (30k) [PG] (EMH, AU) 1/03
An alternate ending to "Unimatrix Zero."
ASC Awards 2002 second place for Voyager Single Person.

Long Stories

The Unity of the Multiverse (40k) [PG] (J/C, Q) 8/00
Q sends Janeway to an AU for a little R&R. Seven gets in touch with her inner lawyer.
ASC Awards 2000 third place for Best Janeway/Chakotay Pairing.

Marriage is Irrelevant (110k) [PG] (J/C, P) 9/00
Shore leave on a planet full of wily matchmakers.
The epilogue is included with the story.

Colony (200k) [PG] (crew, J/C) 11/00
My first action-adventure story. There are aliens and battles and hull breaches and really wild things! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to settle the Delta Quadrant. As an added bonus, you'll find out why everyone in the galaxy looks alike.

A Maquis Holiday (50k) [G] (J/C, P/T, crew) 11/00
Neelix discovers a new holiday.
Winner of two awards in Jennica's Annual J/C Christmas Contest 2000: Most Creative and Best Non-Christmas; ASC Awards 2001 second place for Voyager Holiday Story.

The Dance (Tunkai) (40k) [PG] (P, P/T, J&P, J/C, EMH/7) 1/01
Star Trek meets Strictly Ballroom. An all-Tom, all-the-time story.
First place in the Voyager Central J/C Contest "The Dance"; listed on The Best of Trek Fanfic Site; ASC Awards 2001 first place for Voyager Multiple Pairings.

Lethe (55k) [PG] (J/C, P/T, K/7) 1/01
Somebody up there hits the reset button much too hard.
First place in the the Voyages Home Kiss Me Kate Valentine's Day fanfic contest, for the category of Most Unique J/C Kiss.

Hiatus (60k) [PG] (crew, VS8) 6/01
At the end of Endgame, we find Voyager amidst the rubble of a Borg sphere, surrounded by friendly ships, and just one short light-year from elusive Earth. What could possibly go wrong?
Season premiere of Virtual Voyager Season 8.

The Museum (225k) [PG] (crew, Section 31, AU) 7/01
An AU series within the framework of a more nearly canonical story. The focus, if there is one, is on Section 31.
ASC Awards 2001 first place for Voyager Suite.

DQ Babes in the Mirror-Mirror Universe (60k) [PG] (J/P, C/7, T, au) 11/01
Janeway, Torres and Seven are accidently exchanged with their counterparts in the Mirror-Mirror universe. Who is more horrified?
Entry in the Twelve Moons of JuPiter Awards 2001.

The ChetSev Series (40k) [PG] (C/7) 12/02
Tom advises Chakotay to move on - Chakotay advises Seven not to give up - Chakotay talks to Janeway, who doesn't hear - The missing second date - The return to Earth.
A series of episode additions to C/7 episodes.

The Other Side of the Gate (68k) [PG] (J/C, xover) 10/03
Voyager finds a mysterious artifact in the DQ, as well as a group of delusional refugees who seem obsessed with it. Set in mid-season seven. A crossover written for BRAD 2003.
ASC Awards 2003 third place for MIS Crossover.

Filk Songs

Filk is scifi folk music, usually rewritten from extant sources. More details about my filks can be found on the filk index page.

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