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This is Jemima's new Firefly section.

Where is the hat?

Here's the cunning hat page, with ingeniously-captioned screencaps of the cunning hat.

Where is the fic?

The list is short, so it's living here for now. Someday it may merit its own page.

Firefly Fei-hua

The Firefly Fei-hua series is more episode-by-episode flash fiction, along the lines of the Stargate by Drabbles series. There being far fewer episodes, this series stands a better chance of completion.

Fei4 hua4 means nonsense, rubbish, or superfluous words. This translation and others are taken from the Pinyinary (see below for link). Stories are listed in order of episode, according to the DVD box set order.

Eye of the Beholder Serenity (pilot) 650 words (3/08)

New: Whupping The Train Job 1000 words (8/08)

Bleeding Kansas Bushwhacked 600 words (3/08)



Reavers of Your Mind Our Mrs. Reynolds 500 words (2/08)

What Separates Heroes Jaynestown 600 words (3/08)

New: Catalyzer Out of Gas 500 words (8/08)

Keelhauled Ariel 650 words (2/08)

Meeting Mal War Stories 1000 words (2/08)


The Message

Don't Ask Don't Tell Heart of Gold 400 words (2/08)

Are Closer Than They Appear Objects in Space 1000 words (3/08)

Where is the filk?

I haven't filked yet, but there are some nice songs at The Signal.

Where can I find more?

Transcripts can be found at Whoa. Good Myth. and translations at the Firefly-Serenity Chinese Pinyinary.

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