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This section of the Jemima's Chevron site is devoted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Jemima is as suprised as you are, believe her. She never thought "Jemima's Trek" through fanfic would lead to a non-Trek fandom, until she was bored to tears by Enterprise and blindsided by Buffy! The Musical. Thus was B'Elanna the Muse supplanted by Buffybot the Muse.

Jemima is especially disinterested in Angel, having no idea what Buffy ever saw in Volvo-boy. The best she could do for decor on short notice was The Snake that Ate Sunnydale High, below. Some links follow her fic, below.

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A Bit of Fic

All of Jemima's BtVS fic is set in Season 6, until otherwise noted. Stories are listed in order of the relevant episodes; new ones are marked "new". There will be no slash and no smut beyond what's already on the show, so call it PG. There will also be no Angel, so call it B/S, or Spuffy if you prefer. Canon is king at Jemima's Trek, and plot is queen.

148 (Spike, 12k) 12/01 Bargaining, After Life

I Saw Buffy Kissing You-Know-Who (filk, 1k) 11/01 Once More With Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Smashed

The Silent Movie of the Soul (pseudo-episode, 40k) 12/01 Once More With Feeling, Wrecked

Buffy Anne, Supergirl (filk, 48k) 4/02 Normal Again


Jemima subscribes to Yvonne's Type A feedback policy, which means you can send any sort of feedback you'd like, whether constructively critical, stark raving mad, pleasant, or gushing. The address is webmaster@jemimap.cjb.net.


Buffy Transcript Search is based on Psyche's Transcripts.

The Buffy! The Musical mpegs link I found in Liz's blog didn't work too well for me, so I went to Psyche for mine.

We deserve BetterBuffyFics, the BtVS recs list.

Buffylinks has a better link list than this one. For more fic, try the UCSL list, the UCSL archive, The Darker Side of Sunnydale or DarkBuffyFics.

Don't forget Buffy.com - she's not just a Slayer, she's a thriving industry - and from the folks who brought you Sev Trek, Bluffy the comic strip.


I don't know what they were thinking, but they let me in:

BtVS Writers'

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Quotes from fanfiction...

Sometimes a stake is just something you kill vampires with.
Buffy in Insight by CGB

Crossing Over

Jemima used to do Voyager. You can find her Voyager fan fiction here at Jemima's Trek, her now inaptly-named sunshine yellow web site, along with the Borg species list, a Trek links page, arbitrary awards and the dark doings of Section 31.

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