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You have reached Filk Central on the Jemima's Trek site. I specialize in cheesy seventies music.

Jemima's Voyager Filks

Dona Quixote takes off from my favorite musical. The rest of the musical happened later. (8/00)

On The Sloop NCC-74656 they just won't let Harry go home. (9/00)

Mark's Song provided another chance for me to rhyme 'sage' with 'phage'. Mark was the dull dude who sent Janeway a Dear John letter in "Hunters". If you listen closely to the lyrics of "Scarborough Fair", you'll notice the singer asks the impossible of his former true love. (9/00)

The Wreck of the Alternate Voyager was a challenge from my consulting physicist Debbie. She thought "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot would make good filking material. You be the judge. (9/00)

Chakotay used to be "Fernando" by ABBA. The singer/narrator is B'Elanna Torres. (9/00)

The Delta Quadrant's Greatest Hits/Borgstory happened when Dr. Deb challenged me to filk something off America's Greatest Hits/History. So I filked the entire album. (12/00)

I Fought the Borg was like shooting fish in a barrel: it's a little low-content ditty, echoing "I Fought the Law" by Sonny Curtis. (1/01)
ASC Awards 2003 first place for MIS Filk/Poem/Drabble

Yesterday, When I was Borg is a sad song sung by Seven, after "Yesterday, When I was Young". (5/01)
ASC Awards 2001 second place for Voyager Poem or Filk.

Killing Me Softly is another sad song, sung by one fanfic writer to another. The accusation of theft should not be taken literally. The title of the original is the same as that of the filk. (6/01)

Janeway: The Musical! (Filk of La Mancha) was a long time coming. It started small with my first filk, the opening number. Now there are twenty. Familiarity with the original musical "Man of La Mancha" is not absolutely necessary, but it helps. (2/02)
ASC Awards 2002 first place for Voyager Filk or Poem.

Vote for the Roses, a filk of "Run for the Roses", was inspired by the start of voting for the Awesome Author Award. (3/02)

The Simple Joys of Captaincy, a filk of "The Simple Joys of Maidenhood" from Camelot. (4/02)

I've Grown Accustomed to the Phage, a filk of "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face." I'd been meaning to filk that for a very long time - it was one of those no-brainer filks, like "I Fought the Borg." (8/02)
ASC Awards 2002 second place for Voyager Filk or Poem.

The Sound of Sickbay, a filk of "The Sound of Silence." I blame Liz. (12/02)
ASC Awards 2002 third place for Voyager Filk or Poem.

The Borg Queen, a filk of "The Boxer." Now I am a true filker. (1/03)

Where is the Fic?, a filk of "Where is the Love?" which asks the eternal question of Voyager fandom. This was written as a live chatfilk, with some significant later edits. (1/03)

Holodeck Hero, a filk of the Beatles' "Paperback Writer" starring Tom. (7/03)

Goodbye to VOY, a filk of The Carpenters' "Goodbye to Love" from a retiring muse. (7/03)

Killing Me Softly was altered slightly for posting to ASC. (1/04)

The Sound of Borgness is a full filk musical of The Sound of Music. It came out a little sillier than intended. (1/04)
ASC Awards 2003 third place for MIS Filk/Poem/Drabble

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