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In the brave old tradition of my Voyager quote list, I give you quotes from SG-1 fact and fanfic...


This only further cemented in his mind that one rarely ever receives good news when a general.
Killing Daniel Jackson by Karen T

Jack shrugged his eyebrows.
Desert Son by Roxie

Always Little Miss Glass Half Empty.
Jack to Sam in Getting Back to Kansas by fairygnomes

"That's sort of on the irrelevant side of things right now, I think," Daniel returned, his mild tone a passive-aggressive pointy stick prodding the ribs of an already testy bear.
Daniel to Jack in The Taste of Honey, The Hum of Bees by Salieri

This is the thanks I get for saving the world again?
Jack in Redemption Part 2 (canon)

Those stupid council members annoyed me beyond belief. They're almost a cliche now. I was so with Jack...'you're on your own, I want out of this episode!' is what he was saying to me when he and Teal'c left. Yes, Jack talks to me. Shut up.
nug on www.gaters.net: Fall-out discussion thread


"Who's boinked more women than Captain Kirk? At least I'm not leaving a trail of little paternity suits around the universe."
Sam to Jack in Glow Me by Denise

"I am of the opinion that it is unhealthy for humans to repress emotion, O'Neill."
"Gee, thanks. I'm all better now that you've told me that, Teal'c."
Teal'c and Jack in Botched Opportunities by Sonia

He had never been one for regulations, but felt compelled to try and think of an incredibly ridiculous way around this particular one instead of just breaking it.
Jack in Episode I: The Phantom Cheese by Jojo and Michelle V.

By the end of the evening, Jack knows he's fallen so hard for this woman they won't get him off the floor with paint scrapers.
Always a Good Sign by SelDear

Sam continued to remain silent, sporting a thin smile and a very amused look in her eyes. 'Yep,' Jack thought, 'evil. And I'm her evil little lap dog.'
The Mixer by Michelle V.

"I'm just gonna try and take a little nap before they come and kill us, or whatever. Wake me up before they kick me in the ribs again, would you? I'd hate to miss that."
Jack to Jacob in Daddy's Little Girl by splash_the_cat

Taking a deep breath, Jack said, "Of course I like her. I mean, she's a damn fine officer, she saves my ass on a weekly basis..."
"I hope saving is the only thing she does to it, Jack."
Jack and Jacob in Daddy's Little Girl by splash_the_cat


We have no joy on the burn.
Sam in Tangent (canon)

I'm humoring the native so I can get his naquada.
Sam as translated by Jack in Miscommunication by Michelle V.

If you do *anything* stupid I will personally follow you into the afterlife and talk wormhole theory to you for eternity.
Sam to Jack in Retribution by SuzVoy

Day Thirty-seven
Does anyone know what season this is?
The Very Secret Diary of Major Samantha Carter, Ph.D. by Chiroho

This kind of thing happens to us all the time.
Sam in Double Jeopardy (canon)


Uh...the sun's beeping.
Daniel in 2010 (canon)

"And a translation for those of us who don't speak twenty-three languages?"
Jack to Daniel in Same Old, Same Old by Teand


Teal'c was easy to understand. Happy/amused/confused/condescending - the eyebrow went up. Pissed off/sleeping - the eyebrow went down. See? Simple.
Jack in Miscommunication by Michelle V.

As I said, O'Neill, ours is the only reality of consequence.
Teal'c in Point of View (canon)


Voyager is still en route.
Colonel Hammond to General O'Neill in There But For the Grace of God (canon)


Retirement doesn't count if you're writing the same fic, just with different names.
Seema on AIM

If it says 'the end' at the end, that's the end.
Jemima (motto)

Yes everyone knows about the Stargate in this future - how much longer could they keep it a secret anyway? It's my theory that they didn't even make a public announcement. They just realised one day there was no one they hadn't told.
CGB in her commentary on Echoes of an Empty Place by CGB

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