By Jemima Pereira (
© September 2000
Codes: filk, C&T
Rating: G
Series: Star Trek: Voyager

B'Elanna recalls the good old days. A filk of "Fernando" by ABBA.

This parody is protected as such by the copyright laws of the United States of America.

Can you hear their guns Chakotay?
I remember long ago another starry void like this
In the firefight Chakotay
You were humming to yourself as I was cursing Gul Evek
I could hear his pompous threats
And sounds of phaser fire coming through the deck

They were closer now Chakotay
Every raging plasma torrent seemed to last eternally
I was not afraid Chakotay
We were free and full of zeal and all of us prepared to die
And I'm not ashamed to say
The roar of phaser fire made this Klingon smile

There was something out in space that night
The stars weren't right, Chakotay
For that something kidnapped you and me
And the Liberty, Chakotay
Though I never thought we'd get this far
We're not home yet
If I had to do it all again
I would, my friend, Chakotay

Now you're going grey Chakotay
And these seven years who's seen a phaser rifle in your hand?
Can you hear their guns Chakotay?
Do you still recall the fateful night we hid in the Badlands?
I could see it in your eyes
How proud you were to fight for Bajor and Dorvan

She was chasing us through space that night
Her eyes were bright, Chakotay
And her spy was there with you and me
On the Liberty, Chakotay
Though I never thought you'd turn Starfleet
That's how it went
If you had to do the same again
You would, my friend, Chakotay

They say a bigger war eclipsed our fight
For truth and right, Chakotay
And that none are left but you and me -
No more Maquis, Chakotay
Though I always knew that we would lose
Still I regret
That I could not be there to fight for them
Nor you, my friend, Chakotay

But, if I had to do the same again
I would, my friend, Chakotay...