By Jemima Pereira (
© July 2003
Codes: filk
Rating: G
Series: Star Trek: Voyager

Jemima's muse gives up the ghost after three years.

This parody of The Carpenters' "Goodbye to Love" (A Song for You, 1972) is protected as such by the copyright laws of the United States of America.

* Recorded by: The Kimtones
* From the 2378 album, "A Filk For You"
* Written by: Jemima Pereira and retired muse B'Elanna Torres

I'll say goodbye to VOY,
Neelix left the ship and crewmates, so must I.
Time brought to an end our epic voyage 'cross the sky,
Now all I see of VOY is Janet's Star Trek screenshots -
I've run all out of fic plots...

So I've made my mind up I must write some SG-1,
And though I'm sad to see it go
I knew the day would come
I'd say goodbye to VOY...

There are no new seasons for this muse of mine.
Maybe time will heal these Endgame memories
And I'll find that there is Star Trek to believe in
And to write for,
Some show I could write for...

All the years of Delta Blues
Have sadly reached an end;
Sam'n'Jack and Goa'uld will be my new fic friends.
From this day VOY is forgotten -
I'll write on as best I can.


What show's in our future is a mystery to us all;
No one can predict the rate of Nielsens as they fall.
There may come a muse to turn my leaden fics to silk,
But for now this is my filk...

And it's goodbye to VOY...
I'll say goodbye to VOY...