Zero Sum Game

This is my 900th blog entry - if only it counted towards my word count. I’ve been editing, which is a zero-sum game as far as Total Lifetime Word Count goes. The TLWC is hovering around 500,000, not counting non-fiction or filk. I’m halfway to that elusive first mill.

2 Responses to “Zero Sum Game”

  1. Jack Says:


    Not to burst you’re bubble or anything. But when ‘they’ refer to that elusive first million. They are talking about money. :)

    Good luck in either case.

  2. Jemima Says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but note that “first mill” is a link to another entry about David Gerrold’s writing book Worlds of Wonder in which he says, “the first million words are for practice.”

    A wildly successful fiction writer is someone who can pay the rent without getting a day job. Making a million dollars at it is a pipe dream - you may as well play the lottery or go into a line of work where the first million refers to money.