Confetti Menu

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I wasn’t in the mood for Colony today so I made a new splash page based on the W3 tip about confetti menus. If you look at their stylesheet, you’ll see that’s it’s all done with margins. Unfortunately, I was having a lot of trouble with WinIE cutting the words in half (vertically) and both WinIE and MacIE mispositioning them (presumably by adding up the pixel values incorrectly), so I switched the whole thing to absolute positioning. Now it looks more or less the same in IE and in competent browsers.

The splash screen is pure CSS, using your system fonts. For example, if you have Final Frontier or the Stargate letter font, then Voyager and Stargate will show up in their respective font. Colors were picked from the color table of the background image for the main FicML page. I also added a dotted border as a hover effect. You can see the CSS at the bottom of my stylesheet, jp_tab.css.

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