Title:   The Museum
Author:  Jemima
Contact: webmaster@jemimap.cjb.net
Series:  VOY
Part:    19 parts, 225k in total
Rating:  PG
Codes:   crew, AU, J/C, P/T, K/7, T/K, T/Vo, C/S, C/f, K/f

Summary: Ever seen City on the Edge of Forever?  
	 It's kind of like that, but not really.

Date:    July 2001

What is it?

The Museum is a series of AU (alternate universe) stories within one larger story. Technically, the larger story is an AU in which the follies of canon are, themselves, an AU.

The AU's each focus on one character and pivotal episode. They can be read independently of the main story (the Prelude, Interludes and Finale).

The focus, if there is one, is on Section 31. This story/series is part of Project S31, so don't be surprised when it gets dark, paranoid, or conspiratorial.

How do I read it?

The best way to read the series is sequentially, starting at the Prelude. Connecting links are provided at the bottom of each page. This approach also makes it easier to skip chapters you may have already read.

The full HTML version of the series, as well as a full text version, have been provided, mainly for printing and downloading purposes, and for people like Jemima who really hate paging through twenty parts of a story.

If you don't have time for 225 kilobytes (and who does?), you can read any of the AU's separately. Pick your favorite character's AU - the main character is the first one listed in the character codes. You could also, presumably, read the outer story (the Prelude, Interludes and Finale) without reading the AU's, but that would be a strange thing to do.

You may want to take a look at M. C. Escher's Mobius Strip II at some point.

Table of Contents

Four of the AU stories were released previously. They were: "Logic Dictates" (2/01), "Your Wish is My Command" (3/01), "Ambassador" (4/01), and "Home Front" (5/01). The new stories are "Choose Life", "Mushroom Soup", "To Perish in that Howling Infinite" and "Mirror, Mirror".

  1. Prelude (8k)
    In the Prelude, the staff meet, an away team goes away, and Captain Janeway discovers a strange object.
  2. Choose Life (10k) [PG] (J, J/C, AU)
    "Resolutions" done right. An AU based on that episode.
  3. Interlude I (6k)
    In this Interlude, Paris finds Janeway strangely distracted, and a scene in sickbay ensues.
  4. Mushroom Soup (10k) [PG] (P, C/S, AU)
    Seska sets her sights higher than just mushroom soup. An AU loosely based on the episode "State of Flux".
  5. Interlude II (10k)
    In this Interlude, Chakotay recalls Paris to Voyager, where the helmsman visits sickbay and his quarters. Another staff meeting occurs.
  6. Ambassador (25k) [PG] (7, AU)
    What if the scorpion had held back its sting just a little longer? An AU based on the episode "Scorpion".
  7. Interlude III (6k)
    In this Interlude, curiosity kills the cat, the EMH brings it back, and yet another staff meeting occurs.
  8. Your Wish is My Command (20k) [PG] (T, S, AU)
    What if things had gone slightly differently in the first season episode "Prime Factors"? An AU based on that episode.
  9. Interlude IV (6k)
    In this Interlude, Paris catches his wife and plots with Neelix. Janeway and Tuvok meet in her ready room.
  10. Logic Dictates (12k) [PG] (Tu, Section 31)
    A tale of Tuvok, Interstellar Man of Mystery, based on the episode "Repression".
  11. Interlude V (8k)
    In this Interlude, Neelix pesters Tuvok, the Captain makes a decision and Paris plots further mayhem.
  12. To Perish in that Howling Infinite (25k) [PG] (N, C, P, AU)
    Sometimes, when you go whaling, the whale wins. An AU based on the episode "Dark Frontier" and the novel "Moby Dick".
  13. Interlude VI (8k)
    In this Interlude, Neelix, Paris and Torres find themselves in sickbay, and Paris pesters Kim.
  14. Home Front (25k) [PG] (K, 7, Section 31, AU)
    Every universe is an alternate universe for Harry Kim, most travelled ensign in history. An AU based on the episodes "Non Sequitor" and "Timeless".
  15. Interlude VII (10k)
    In this Interlude, another staff meeting occurs, Tom disbelieves Jor's wild tale, and Neelix pesters Chakotay.
  16. Mirror, Mirror (20k) [PG] (C, J&C, C/f, AU)
    What would Chakotay do about Janeway, if their roles were reversed? An AU based on the episode "Resolutions".
  17. Interlude VIII (8k)
    In this Interlude, Neelix pesters Chakotay again, Seven visits the EMH, and Tuvok visits Janeway again.
  18. Once More Unto the Breach (12k) [PG] (Tu, J, Section 31)
    Tuvok and Janeway consider temporal paradoxes. Metafic.
  19. Finale (25k)
    In the Finale, Tuvok breaks a promise, Neelix sets sail, and, of course, Voyager sets course for Earth.


This series won first place in the Voyager Suite category of the 2001 ASC Awards. It was also recommended by YMMV.

ASC Award 2001 First Place