By Jemima Pereira (
© June 2001
Rating: PG
Series: Star Trek: Voyager

This is not a fic, just the solution to who was the author in "The Author."

Not a fic. Nothing to disclaim.

Voyager is a show that's all about...Seven of Nine.

Seven knows so much about Nicoletti and other crewmembers because she is a student of human nature, as shown by her research into P/T in "Someone to Watch Over Me".

Harry figures it out when everyone bets on him. The crew's logic is sound; they've just bet on the wrong half of the author's favorite couple.

B'Elanna has an additional clue: her conversation with Seven. The new stories that came out after that conversation were cheerful fics about J/C, set in the future. Seven took B'Elanna's advice, though B'E didn't know she was advising the author at the time.

I didn't mean to make this story a brain-teaser. Blame the muse.