The Borg Plot Classification of Jemima's Stories

The original Borg Plot Classification was created by the drones of Unimatrix 23 for the JetC23 web site.

But, to be honest, I, Jemima, am Seven of Twenty-Three, and I came up with the plot classification myself. A lot of the plot names are episode names from the other Star Trek series, and their numbers are mostly production numbers. The people on #jetc helped me to find the examples listed on the original Borg Plot Classification page.

I'd like to reiterate my warning that the Borg Plot Classification involves spoilage. All the stories listed below are either linked on my story index page or are works still in progress. There's also a C/7 version of the BPC.

Plot 001: Court Martial
The return to the Alpha Quadrant is a mainstay of Voyager fan fiction. Once back, however, our heroes may have to deal with the bureaucracy of Starfleet and the ire of Admiral Necheyev. Related plots include 007 and 010.

Plot 002: The Episode Addition
The average Voyager episode doesn't contain nearly enough J/C scenes. Fortunately, this flaw is easily corrected.

Plot 003: Resolutions Done Right
This is by far the most popular plot. I'm hoping to get to it soon.

Plot 004: The Talk
Even Borg blood freezes whenever Janeway says, "Chakotay, we need to talk."

Plot 007: The Prison Break
We can't just let our favorite Maquis rot in a jail cell, now can we? Related plots: 001, 010.

Plot 009: The Unexpected Pregnancy
The title says it all.

Plot 010: The Maquis Pregnancy
In this plot, Janeway gets pregnant to make a point. Related plots: 001, 007.

Plot 013: And the Children Shall Lead
J/C can use any help they can get, even from the shortest and most annoying members of the crew.

Plot 015: Shore Leave
The search for the Risa of the Delta Quadrant. Related plot: 554.

Plot 020: Busted!
The crew discovers the Captain and Commander's secret relationship. A popular plot in JetC 20 and 21.

Plot 023: The Borg
There's nothing like a few nanoprobes to make life interesting.

Plot 024: The JetC Story
A jetc story involves strange crewmen like Ensign Caffey or real live jetcers like Kerry.

Plot 025: It's Prixin Again
Prixin is Neelix's answer to Christmas. Either holiday falls into this category.

Plot 026: The Ghost of J/C Past
The characters haunt the fanfic writer until she writes a J/C story. Also in this category: parting stories written by authors leaving jetc or Voyager fandom. (Don't let the door hit you on the way out...)

Plot 033: Mirror, Mirror
The AU (alternate universe) plot.

Plot 043: There's Coffee in that Nebula
Voyager runs on dilithium but her Captain runs on coffee.

Plot 051: The Stalled Turbolift
That says it all, doesn't it? Related plots: 052, 053.

Plot 052: A Jeffries Tube
Related plots: 051, 053.

Plot 053: Her Ready Room
Find out what goes on behind closed doors. Related plots: 051, 052.

Plot 054: The Touch of Her Hand
The Captain has an odd habit of pawing the crew.

Plot 068: ABOTW (Alien Babe of the Week)
An ABOTW is sure to provoke Janeway to jealousy or despair.

Plot 078: All Our Yesterdays
Why is it always 1996 in the past?

Plot 087: Passion on a PADD
A PADD story can go anywhere, fast. In triplicate.

Plot 100: The Drabble
A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words. Related plot: 101.

Plot 101: The Vignette
The vignette is similar to the drabble. Under this classification, the Borg include all short stories sans plot. Related plot: 100. See also the J/C Story Index classification PWP (Plot? What Plot?).

Plot 112: The Proposal
Man proposes, God disposes.

Plot 113: The Bonding
Jetcers will never tire of arranging the Janeway/Chakotay wedding. If one of my stories is over 40k, then it's sure to include one.

Plot 117: Home Soil
For reasons the Borg cannot fathom, many jetcers like to write about the Janeways' family home in Indiana.

Plot 124: We'll Always Have Paris
The musings and machinations of Tom Paris, honorary jetcer.

Plot 125: Conspiracy
The whole ship is against them, or for them, depending on your perspective. Darker conspiracies usually involve Starfleet Intelligence. Related plot: 124.

Plot 186: The Wounded
The touching scene in sickbay, over what could be his/her death-biobed.

Plot 212: Violations
Some jetcers violate Kerry's Second Rule of fanfic writing.

Plot 236: Chain of Command
"She's the Captain."

Plot 250: Second Chances

Plot 251: True Confessions
Related plot: 20.

Plot 403: A Man Alone
Death. His or hers.

Plot 506: Things Past
The past usually means Justin, Janeway's semi-canonical ex-beau. There's also Mark, Kashyk and Michael.

Plot 518: Ferengi Love Songs
All songs are jetc songs. Some stories are mostly song lyrics. And then there's filk.

Plot 527: Sons and Daughters
The J/C progeny take after dear old mum and dad.

Plot 549: The Sound of Her Voice
Even once it's really over, it ain't over.

Plot 550: She Walks in Beauty, Like the Night
Sleepwalking, sleeptalking, midnight snacking, noises from the next cabin, things that go bump in the night, deeds done in the dark, etc.

Plot 554: Take Me Out to the Holo-Suite
Related plot: 015.

Plot 555: Party Hearty
Opportunities for romance abound when the Captain lets down her hair and gets out of uniform. Related plot: 554.

Plot 666: Deja Q
The character everyone loves to hate is a familiar face on fanfic Voyager.

Plot 718: Way of the Warrior
Chakotay ascendant.

Plot 777: Romulan Ale
Inebriation. Related plot: 009.

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