Where am I now?

This page is devoted to the static page style of Jemima's Trek. For blog-specific styles, see the blog page.

Experience the Yellow

On Freeshell there's a form for viewing my old assortment of style sheets. Since I switched to tabbed browsing, there's only the one style sheet, and the easiest way to see its effects is to click through the tabs above. Each tab represents an area of the site with its own style.

The stylesheet also creates the CSS confetti menu on the main page and handles the blog style. The confetti menu is explained in this blog entry. Tabbed browsing is explained in this one.


I don't know much about graphics - just enough to fudge things a bit using a graphics program. My favorite program for basic fudging is GraphicsConverter for the Mac, which I've used to edit the colors of my chevrons, convert jpegs to png, and so forth.

I used a Mac shareware program called QuickNailer to make the thumbnails on B'Elanna's Award Shelf. It's important to make thumbnails rather than resizing an image in the html code - it saves on download time. Another way to speed up your web pages is to use an image cruncher like those at Spinwave.com.

You can take a look at my images in the gifs directory on Freeshell.

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