By Jemima Pereira (
Series: The "Empty Shell" Series #1
© May 2003
Codes: challenge, drabble
Rating: G
Series: Enterprise

First in a series of responses to Rob's Empty Shell challenge.

When Gene Roddenberry comes to me and complains, I'll stop.

This is the first drabble in the "Empty Shell" series.

The Enterprise shuddered and groaned, but finally broke free from the cavernous maw and fled. Hoshi's pupils slowly shrank down to normal size.

"What was that thing?" Archer asked.

Trip shrugged. "All I can tell you is that it's headed away from us."

"Good," Hoshi whispered. The others pretended not to hear.

The Captain eyed his Vulcan officer. "T'Pol, you're awfully quiet. Do you have something to say?"

She turned from her console. "According to my calculations, the object will return to this sector in one hundred years."

"Hoshi, notify Starfleet Command," Archer said. "We'll be ready."

T'Pol doubted it.