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This page contains an overview of the various tools provided by the FicML project and available for download at sourceforge.
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recs2html.xsl is an XSLT stylesheet which transforms a FicML document containing fic recommendations into an HTML page; the resulting HTML depends on recs.css (see below)

ficml2rss.xsl transforms a FicML document into an RSS feed; the feed will contain FicML-specific information which FicShare (see below) can read, but which will be ignored by other RSS readers

recs.css is a CSS stylesheet for presenting the HTML generated by the above stylesheet

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FicShare is a FicML-specific RSS reader. It will read any RSS feed, but it will understand extra FicML metadata encoded in the feed. It is written in Java.

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Use the preferences link to set viewing and blogging preferences.

FicML is a joint project to provide XML tools for fanfiction writers and readers. Suggestions are welcome at the ficml-devel list.

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