Part 52

"Where the hell did they go?" demanded Joe Carey of Harry Kim, upon his admittance that he was not responsible for beaming out the Engineering crew.

Kim looked down at his console, then back at Joe.

"I don't know. They've disguised the receiving location."

"The Maquis," Joe spat, walking over to Kim.

Tuvok joined the two, looking over the console readings and confirming the beam out could not be traced.

"Presumably," he replied to Joe's accusation.

"Definitely," interjected Kim.

"Why would they beam them somewhere when they already had them contained here?" Joe asked.

Kim looked perplexed, shaking his head without a response.

"Perhaps they are planning on returning to Engineering and didn't want the crew here," speculated Tuvok.

Kim was already reaching to his belt for his phaser.

"They don't know we're here. We could take them by surprise."

"If they are in fact coming here," responded Tuvok.

"Better ready to stop them than not," said Kim. "They've already disabled the Bridge, this is the second most powerful place on the ship."

"Correct," said Tuvok.

"Wait. How did they disable the Bridge?" asked Joe, having heard nothing about it.

"Cut off life support and disabled environmental controls," Kim told him.

"Oh." Joe reached for his own phaser. "We should beam Vorik to Sickbay," he suggested. "Get him to safety."

"Yes," agreed Tuvok. "And you, as well."

"No!" Joe protested. "You're probably already outnumbered. Two people don't make much of an ambush."

"Neither do three."

"It's better than two."

"He's right, Tuvok," Kim finally interrupted.

"Very well," Tuvok conceded.

Moments later, a semi-conscious Ensign Vorik was beamed to Sickbay. He called weakly for the EMH, but received no response and fell back into unconsciousness.

In the corridor just outside Engineering, Chakotay and his team conferred.

"Everyone was beamed to the Cargo Bay?" he questioned.

"Everyone except Vorik and Carey, and they'll still be unconscious," said Henley.


With that, the doors to Engineering slid open and the four walked inside.

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