Part 40

B'Elanna had to stop.


The corridors would not stop spinning.

Not unless she halted for a good five minutes, leaning against the wall and trying to find a spot to focus on.

Then, when she started moving again, the walls and floor would resume their nauseating movements.

She didn't know what deity had cleared the corridors for her, but she sent her deepest thanks.

The way she was feeling, she was a sitting duck.

A dizzy duck, anyway.

Whatever the EMH had flooded Sickbay with had definitely affected her system. It may not have knocked her out like it had Paris, but it was still doing its job. Besides the incessant vertigo, she was getting progressively tired.

And her hand hurt, dammit!

B'Elanna leaned against the wall harder, trying not to slink down it.

It took a lot of effort.

From the little she knew about sedatives, she could gather that she was just going to get more and more tired until she couldn't stay standing and collapsed somewhere.

She couldn't let that happen. Despite the quiet of the corridors now, she could easily imagine being caught unconscious by Star Fleet.

And if she was unconscious, she couldn't help the Maquis finish Plan C.

Granted, she had already completed her vital involvement in Plan C, for the most part.

It didn't matter.

She wasn't going sleep through this. No way.

She forced her knees to stop bending, moving her hand further up on the wall. Without thinking, she raised her other hand to her face. The explosion of pain radiating from her wrist snapped her mind out of the haze it had been sinking into.

She bit her lip until blood seeped out, trying to keep from screaming. Then, she realized there was no one around to be alerted by her scream, and she let it out. The piercing sound took some more pressure of her temples.

She took her hand off the wall, straightening herself up, refusing to let the sedative drag her down.

She would go back to Sickbay, find a way to deactivate the EMH, and inject herself with something to suppress the sedative.

She took a step, realizing she couldn't just walk into Sickbay. She'd been nearly incapacitated after spending less than forty-five seconds in there.

Her heart sank at the thought of going back to the Jefferies Tubes.

She didn't have much choice, did she?

B'Elanna found the nearest hatch, struggling to climb inside with only one hand and hardly any coordination.

Inside, she started crawling. She forced herself to keep moving while trying to remember how the power to Sickbay was routed.

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