Unchained Title

Word count: 1055

I’ve finally put Holodeck Hero, formerly just a blog entry filk, up at Freeshell.

Seema’s entry on the neverending title rant got me thinking about my titles. For filk, the title usually comes directly out of the song, but for stories I tend toward the blunt, one-word style of title. They may not be very artsy or creative, but they have the advantage of high recognition value. “Lurking,” for example, is an easy title to remember once you’ve read the story. “The Museum” is unlikely to be confused with another fic. My titles may not be “Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed,” but they get the job done.

You can see some typical filk and fic titles in the sidebar (if you’re at the main blog page - click the blog button if you aren’t), and as an extra updating-day bonus, the links now work!

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